Paper and cloth

The hand-made decorated papers the Italian centuries-old tradition famous in the entire world. Notebooks, address-books and photo albums are available in different formats, with spine bound colored cloth.


  • Notebooks in Doge paper  Notebooks in Doge paper
    • Small notebook cm. 9x13
    • Medium notebook cm. 12x16
    • Medium notebook high thickness cm. 12x16
    • Large notebook cm. 14x21
    • Large notebook high thickness cm. 14x21
    • Horizontal notebook cm. 24x17
  • Photo album in Doge paper  Photo album in Doge paper
    • Mini photo album cm. 21x19 - 30 fogli
    • Photo album cm. 21x25 - 30 fogli
    • Small photo album cm. 23x23 - 60 fogli
    • Medium photo album cm. 24x30 - 60 fogli
    • Horizontal photo album cm. 35x24 - 60 fogli
    • Photo album with box cm. 33x33 - 60 fogli
  • Other products made of Doge paper  Other products made of Doge paper
    • Small address book cm. 8x12
    • Medium address book cm. 12x16
    • Small autograph book cm. 17x24
    • Autograph book cm. 21x30
    • Book of recipes cm. 17x24
    • Travel book cm. 17x24

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