In compliance with the notice obligation as set out in Art. 13 in the Legislative Decree (no. 196 of 30 June 2003) of the Italian legal system, our company (or their assignee) declares as follows:

In connection to data handling, decree 196/2003 guarantees their protection against persons and other parties.
Carterìa ai Frari handling and holding your personal data inform that:
- the information you provide ( personal, account, fiscal data) is used to fulfil all obligations deriving from commercial contracts, to manage your account, ad
ministrative and fiscal issues and our business relation.
- At this purpose data processing is carried out through computer and data transmission systems in the respect of your rights and privacy.
- The security measures taken by Seterie Argenti S.p.A. ensure the access to your data only to authorized persons and avoid spreading your personal details.
- It is necessary that you convey us your personal data to satisfy the aims described above and all law and contract obligations.
- Carterìa ai Frari located
in San Polo 2954, 30125 Venezia complying with decree 196/2003 is entitled to hold your data.
- In compliance with Art. 7 of decree 196/2003 you could always assert your rights against the party entitled to hold your data.
Best Regards
Carterìa ai Frari
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