Who we are

Elisabetta, Stefano, Giulia, (Tigro Fastidio)

Noi 3

Carterìa ai Frari is a family shop: Elisabetta is the head of the family, inspirer and creator of this small company founded in 2008, creator of all the colors that surround it, author of refined and original objects that draw on tradition to bring it closer to our days. Careful to details and customer satisfaction, always ready to give advice and well known for gift packages that are their own gifts (for the view). Stefano likes to call himself "shop boy" is reluctant to learn how to make a decent package but many find it nice and is tolerated for it. If you have desire and time, you can be entertained with discussions, memories, regrets and love for his city (and his family). Giulia is the daughter of the two with a propensity for leadership. Actively participate in the choice of products, advises and learns quite quickly from the mother. She lives to sing and for music (sometimes she thinks about football). Tigro Fastidio occasionally overlooks the window. It is male and red-haired cat to make dad feel less lonely. He is often involved in matters that interest him most: sleeping, eating, enjoying life.